Mantis Pots are 100% American Made. From fabric production to the completed bag, everything is produced right here in Chico California, USA.

Superior Quality

We’ve worked closely with an American geo-textile company to develop a custom fabric that provides your plants with a solid structure to produce a stronger and healthier root system. Our fabric is UV resistant, made with recycled polypropylene fibers, and will last multiple grow cycles. We also use an American made nylon bonded thread that is strong and break resistant.

Top-Notch Sewing 

All our bags have hemmed tops to help increase strength and reduce “bacon neck”, which can be a pain when the bag flops inward, onto the top of the soil. We sew the bottom seams on the outside of the bag to help increase the longevity of the bag’s lifespan—giving you optimal use for numerous seasons.

Sold Directly to Growers

To make sure you get the best possible price we only sell direct to growers. And while you won’t find Mantis Pots in your local garden store, we have different shipping and delivery options available to get you planting ASAP! 

Located in the California North State

Our manufacturing facility is in Chico, California. We currently have flat rate shipping for every order regardless of the order size (continental U.S. only) 

Depending on location, delivery might be available as well. 

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking to place an order or just want to chat about our options, please reach out and we will do our best to help and answer any questions.

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